Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wounded by Eric Walters

Wounded by Eric Walters

Wounded is a very emotional book. In this novel, Marcus's father is serving in the Army and is currently stationed in Afghanistan. Marcus and his sister are counting down the days for which his dad is to return. Little does he know that when his dad does return, things will not be the same.

Other people, whose family members aren't in the war, just don't seem to understand the heartache and struggle for those families who do have family at war. Marcus is a very conflicted individual and has too much on his mind at such a young age.

This story clearly describes what life is like when you have someone close to you at war and the emotional struggles and issues when they return. When one comes home from war, everything is not perfect and is not just as how it was before they left. Everything changes and nothing is the same.

When his father comes back, what struggles and problems does he face? Will his father hurt their family, physically and emotionally? Is this the father that Marcus and his family were waiting for?