Sunday, January 12, 2014

Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai

Shooting Kabul by N. H. Senzai

This book was a true page-turner. Much like all the books I read, once I start reading it, I couldn't stop. 'Shooting Kabul' was a great story about perseverance and hope and it really gets you thinking about all the great things and people you have in life, and how you should be thankful for having and knowing them everyday.

I'm not going to go into depth about this book, because I seriously recommend it to everyone and don't want to give away too much.

The protagonist in this story is Fadi and him and his family have been through a lot. They move to California, which is thousands of miles away from their home in Kabul, Afghanistan. He never thought he'd be starting middle school in California, out of all places but he's starting without his younger sister, who is missing back home. 

You see, Fadi and his family were trying to escape was-torn Afghanistan, but they never dreamed of leaving without a family member. Fadi knows that trying to find his sister in Kabul would be his worst nightmare because of the war and danger, but he has hope.

While in California, a photography competition takes place and the prize is a trip to India! He is thrilled and excited for this event because he knows he will be that much closer to finding his beloved sister and mending his family. 

Will he win the photography competition? Does he have a chance at finally finding his sister, or is it too late?


  1. I enjoyed your review very much :)
    NH Senzai

    1. Thank you, it means a lot! :)
      I enjoyed your book a lot! Very detailed and descriptive.

  2. This sounds right up my alley!! Awesome review!